Token CodeCRD
Token NameCredits
Token DescriptionThe Credit is a utilitarian token for the micronation of Young’s Keep.
Conditions of TokenThe Credit will act as the currency of the micronation of Young’s Keep, as distributed by the Young Family Collective, who are the governing family over the micronation. It will be accepted in the micronation’s marketplace and distributed worldwide, as a means to conduct commerce and transactions. There will only ever be one-hundred billion credits created.
Organization NameYoung Family Collective
Organization DescriptionThe Young Family Collective is a family-run organization who has organized itself to create it’s own micronation. It is our goal to create our own country and help to progress humanity into the future.
Organization Email[email protected]
Organization Address
Organization Phone
Keybase User Name
Twitter Handleyoungfamily9
Issuing Account
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