Example Token

mint leaf with sparkles
Token CodeMINT
Token NameExample Token
Token DescriptionThe MINT token is an example token to demonstrate how stellarmint.io works. Look all you want, but these tokens are not made for touching.
Conditions of TokenThere are 1,000,000 MINT tokens now and forever. A MINT token is sometimes worth an educational experience. If you did not learn something from our MINT token, then it is worth even less to you. In other words, our MINT token is mostly to entirely worthless.
Organization NameStellarmint LLC
Organization DescriptionStellarmint makes creating tokens on the Stellar network even easier. You define the attributes of your token and we’ll issue that token directly to your Stellar wallet.
Organization Email[email protected]
Organization Address5305 River Rd North STE B, Keizer, OR 97303, United States
Organization Phone
Organization Websitestellarmint.io
Keybase User Namemagofox
Twitter HandlestellarmintIO
Issuing Account
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