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Scan on mobile wallet to accept BINS trustline. Video tutorial.

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This token is not controlled by Stellarmint. The conditions of this token and the fulfillment of those conditions are determined by the person or entity that used Stellarmint to host this token’s Stellar TOML file. Please be careful and do your due diligence before interacting with any tokens issued on the Stellar network.

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The Binscoin is a virtual token used among students to exchange services and knowledge, its secondary use is to reward creators of memes for their work. Its name is based on the concept of “Bins”, a slang equivalent to entropy.

Conditions of Token

There are 10,000,000,000 BINS tokens now and forever.

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BinsCorp is an association of some of the brightest students of “la PT Mermoz” an elite academical French formation. Our goal is the enlarge your Bins, and spread the “Bins Spirit” worldwide.


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Physical Address

717 avenue Jean Mermoz, 34000 MONTPELLIER