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DRAM is a governance system token that gives control to the community. Those who stake DRAM Token are rewarded for contributing to success of multiple projects.
DRAM Token is on-chain decentralized voting governance ecosystem within community engagement. Major Token holders can propose to the governing community and seek participation from community members. Each community participant may enjoys governing rights, in proportion to the number of tokens staked on the

Conditions of Token

DRAM will start its network on Stellar blockchain, with its 1,000,000,000 Tokens.
30% will be offered to the community. (this amount will provide liquidity for DRAM in token-token exchanges)
10% will be saved for a development team, and to build our upcoming community Mobile Application.
Next 30% will be saved for the future technology investments voted by community members and be used as yearly dividend for major Token holders.
LAST 30% will be frozen and can be used only as emergency, voted by community.

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DRAM is equal opportunity, blockchain technology opensource community network.
Governance in Blockchain technology, is based on "Emergent Governance", and community usefulness is programmatic assistance of coordinating members of the group to complete localized goals.
DRAM Organization must engage actively, to maintain our community to continue to onboard new users to grant the power of community control of DRAM Network. Participants in our system must know their individual roles. Community Volunteers granted their powers, ultimately expected of them as a practitioners to maintain our open source system.

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Los Angeles, CA 90210