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LowFinder (LFI) is the store of value liquidity layer for TREAD ( LFI monitors Stellar asset lows, and feeds the information back to investors through LowFinder Bot Telegram channel. LowFinder relays information gathered from Stellar's DEX, to notify investors of Stellar asset price dips in real time. LFI offers the fastest and most reliable information regarding low price movement on the Stellar Lumens blockchain (Channel activity coming soon)

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LowFinder (LFI) utilizes market information to operate four fold: Feeding investors the fastest Stellar DEX low price movement available, utilizing the DEX movement and feedback to build a strong foundation of liquidity backing, harnessing interest earning opportunities to it's benefit, and most importantly: providing a stabilization layer to TREAD (as a store of value) and the entirety of Stellar Lumens network. No more than 50 billion tokens will ever be minted.

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Stellarmint has not verified the accuracy of this information. Please be careful and do your due diligence before interacting with any tokens issued on the Stellar network.

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LowFinder uses the power of Stellar DEX to monitor, track and utilize Stellar asset dips. Join the LowFinder Bot Telegram group using the link provided to track Stellar asset lows in real time. Utilize the information from LowFinder to your trading advantage. LFI/XLM is designed to be paired with LowFinder Bot Telegram channel.

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333 LowFinder Rd

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