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Scan on mobile wallet to accept MACHA trustline. Video tutorial.

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Mich Machete Money

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Token Description

MACHA (Mich Machete Money) is a form of payment for Field Tech and Network Engineering support services rendered by Mich Machete and Affiliates.

Conditions of Token

As more and more applications demand bandwidth throughput and computer processing power, average users more often than not run into basic issues that need to be troubleshooted and repaired. In addition to local and expedient technical support services, with MACHA they will be able to purchase unlimited access to all of Michie Sneaks music in the form of MP3. Customers will purchase MACHA (Mich Machete Money) to pay for the first hour of Technical Support Services provided to them by Mich Machete and Affiliates field technical engineers in the NYC area. In addition for every 500 MACHA purchased customers will obtain access to MP3 file format of Michie Sneaks songs, provided by Michie Sneaks herself.

Organization Name

Mich Machete

Organization Description

Music Distribution and IT Tech Support Services


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