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Scan on mobile wallet to accept SHRF trustline. Video tutorial.

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This token is not controlled by Stellarmint. The conditions of this token and the fulfillment of those conditions are determined by the person or entity that used Stellarmint to host this token’s Stellar TOML file. Please be careful and do your due diligence before interacting with any tokens issued on the Stellar network.

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Shrfree Coin

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Token Description

SHRF est une crypto pour les testes afin de facilité les paiements et le transferts en ligne

Conditions of Token

SHRF est une stable coin qui sera liée au dinar local et sera supportée par un fond de garantie

Organization Name

shrfree corp

Organization Description

shrfree is a blockchain company built on the Stellar network. We wake up every day set on making it easy for consumers to pay with cryptocurrency and simple for merchants to accept cryptocurrency.


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