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Staro was developed to be one of three unit positions of money: 1, 10, & 100.

The Staro system provides the stability needed to unclutter important numbers and events when dealing with any type of financial transaction or movement of data.

The nature of numbers start repeating in 3 dimensions, and so it is plausible to agree with nature itself by utilizing the movement of decimal places advantageously when dealing with complexities.

Conditions of Token

31.02 Million Staro Tokens are available.
The supply was specifically designed to work with base denominators from 1 to 999.

*Anything above 999 units will become double-digit placements in a decimal — Depending on the denomination used (1-3 Digits).

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StArO is the revolutionary digital instrument for base-denominator equalization in payments; Awaiting the institutional sector's mass enterprise upgrade - Which has been a tech initiative on the horizon for over 100 years.

Staro combines self-custodial asset portfolio baskets integrated from several major APXs to create an elevated experience within Web3 markets and Defi.

By allowing URL plugin capabilities, Staro can manage user data privately and efficiently using ternary encryption to transfer wealth effortlessly.

Staro will be used mostly in the background of Dapps, but will be exclusive with access to extensive developments.

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