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Scan on mobile wallet to accept TPK trustline. Video tutorial.

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This token is not controlled by Stellarmint. The conditions of this token and the fulfillment of those conditions are determined by the person or entity that used Stellarmint to host this token’s Stellar TOML file. Please be careful and do your due diligence before interacting with any tokens issued on the Stellar network.

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Next generation Future De-Fi NFT Game token with smallest blockchain = 1 byte.
Finance Network Protocol

Conditions of Token

Users of our token can throw TapOKs at each other and/or pick them up to throw at the person they like most. There are only 21 000 000 TapOKs that you can use to throw and/or pick up.

Organization Name

KSR Foundation

Organization Description

We talk crypto, and throw TapOKs at users that give most valuable opinions about crypto in clubhouse.

Physical Address

We are true De-Fi and no address avialable