Trollgold token logo of trollgold in a rock.
Token CodeTLGD
Token NameTrollgold
Token DescriptionTrollgold is a reward token. It is used to exchange services and goods.
Conditions of TokenUsers of Trollgold Market can mutually exchange goods or services on the Troll Market platform or pay in Trollgold. The Trollgold prices for the goods or services set the exchange partners among themselves. When registering on the platform Trollgold Market platform, the user receives 5 Trollgold reward token. Once the generated Trollgold coins are distributed, registration on the Trollgold platform is only possible without receiving 5 Trollgold reward token.
Organization NameTrollgold Market
Organization Description
Organization Email[email protected]
Organization Address
Organization Phone
Organization WebsiteTrollgold Market is the modern way of fair and independent trading.
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