Stellar Tokens Made Easier

We make creating tokens on the Stellar network even easier. You define the attributes of your token, we’ll take care of all the technical details and send your token directly to your Stellar wallet.

With your subscription, we’ll host the Stellar.toml file and token image, fund your Issuing Account with 2 XLM, fund your receiving wallet with 3 XLM, send your tokens to your wallet, and hand over the keys.

It’s never been easier for the local coffee house, ice cream shop, or brew pub to replace those paper hole-punch cards with digital reward tokens on the public Stellar blockchain.

One Stellar Token Account Auto Renew

  • Automatically renews each year
  • Pay with VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club

One Stellar Token Account Manual Renew

  • Will not automatically renew each year
  • Pay with BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, XLM

How it Works

Create a Stellar network token the really easy way.

  • Open a token account for $20/year

  • Name your token and define its attributes

  • Establish how many tokens you want to issue

  • Issue more tokens later or lock the supply forever

  • Provide the information you want in the Stellar.toml file

  • Upload your token’s logo (we’ll host that too)
  • The Stellar.toml file will be hosted at [name you choose]

  • An active Stellarmint token account can modify the Stellar.toml file anytime

  • Tell us where to send your tokens (we’ll send 3 XLM)

  • Open a trustline with your new token (we’ll show you how)

  • Receive your newly minted tokens

  • Issuing account key transferred to you or destroyed forever