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Stellar Tokens Made Easier


Create Your Token

Welcome to Stellarmint.io

Stellarmint makes creating tokens on the Stellar network even easier. You define the attributes of your token and we’ll issue that token directly to your Stellar wallet. No need to worry about the technicals of a Stellar.toml file, we’ll take care of those and let you customize it directly from your Stellarmint interface.

How it works

Create a Stellar network token the really easy way.

Create Your Token
Create Your Token
Open A Token Account
  • Open a token account for $20/year*

  • Name your token and define its attributes

  • Establish how many tokens you want to issue

  • Issue more tokens later or lock the supply forever

Design Your Token
  • Provide the information you want in the Stellar.toml file

  • Upload your token’s logo (we’ll host that too)
  • The Stellar.toml file will be hosted at [name you choose].stellarmint.io

  • An active Stellarmint token account can modify the Stellar.toml file anytime

Receive Your token
wallet holding digital token
  • Tell us where to send your tokens (we’ll send 5 XLM)

  • Open a trustline with your new token (we’ll show you how)

  • Receive your newly minted tokens

  • Issuing account key transferred to you or destroyed forever

*Public Node members are eligible to receive a 20% discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my token?2020-05-20T13:56:35+00:00

It typically takes about 2 to 4 business days from the time you complete your token profile to the time your tokens are in your Stellar wallet.  This is because a human, not a computer, verifies that everything is correct.

The verification process often requires several back-and-forth emails from us to you to make sure we have all the correct information.  Naturally, this back-and-forth email communication can slow things down.  But, we believe the extra verification time is worthwhile because the final step is often irreversible.

Will my token be listed on exchanges?2020-05-20T05:41:33+00:00

Your token will be searchable on the Stellar network’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX).  However, some interfaces to the Stellar DEX, like StellarX, do not show all tokens listed on the Stellar DEX.

To be listed on StellarX you must make a request and be approved.  StellarX listing requirements and request form can be found here.

Why is my token listed as “unknown” on Stellarport.io?2020-05-20T14:20:29+00:00

Unlike some interfaces to the Stellar network’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Stellarport does not filter tokens and makes all tokens listed on the Stellar DEX viewable.  However, to assist users in finding higher quality tokens, Stellarport includes a “known”, “unknown” and “reported” identifier system.  Unknown is Stellarport’s default identifier.

You can start Stellarport’s process to change your token’s identifier from unknown to known here.  Success is not guaranteed and Stellarport charges a fee to start the research process.

Should I use Stellarmint if I want to anchor my token to a commodity or currency?2020-05-20T14:26:50+00:00

At this point, no. In its current state, Stellarmint is best designed for simpler token use cases, such as reward and loyalty programs.

There are also a lot of features of Stellar that Stellarmint does not currently use.  For more advanced use cases, we recommend hosting the stellar.toml file at your own domain.  This will also give you complete control of all the features of Stellar so that your token and its attributes can perfectly match your more sophisticated application.

Why isn’t my stellar.toml file updating?2020-05-20T05:51:26+00:00

Please contact us if you updated your token profile and your stellar.toml file does not automatically update within a few business days.  That, or, if you’re simply tired of waiting and want to prod us to try to get us to move a little faster.

Is Stellarmint a custodial service?2020-05-22T21:42:18+00:00

Stellarmint is not a custodial service.  After initially issuing your token in the amount you specify, we will no longer be able to issue more tokens or make any other changes to your Issuing Account.  This is because we either:

  1. Destroy the Issuing Account key if you opt to lock your token’s Issuing Account, or
  2. Transfer the control of the Issuing Account to your receiving wallet if you opt to leave the Issuing Account unlocked.

If you lock the Issuing Account, no one, not even you, will be able to issue more tokens or make changes to the token’s Issuing Account.  If you leave the Issuing Account unlocked, only you will be able to issue more tokens with the key associated with your receiving wallet (the Stellar wallet where we send your initially issued tokens).

How do I establish a trustline with my token?2020-05-22T21:40:52+00:00

Your token can be found on most Stellar wallets by searching for the token code or searching with the token’s Stellarmint subdomain ([name you choose].stellarmint.io).

  • In a Keybase.io wallet
    • navigate to your wallet’s settings
    • select “manage trustlines”
    • search using the token’s code
  • In a Lobstr.co wallet
    • navigate to “assets”
    • select “add asset”
    • search using the token’s Stellarmint subdomain “[name you choose].stellarmint.io”
  • In a Litemint.io wallet
    • navigate to “assets”
    • select the “+” sign
    • search using the token’s Stellarmint subdomain “[name you choose].stellarmint.io”
  • In a Solarwallet.io wallet
    • navigate to “Assets & Balances”
    • select “+ Add Asset To Your Account”
    • select “+ Add Custom Asset”
    • input the token code as well as the Issuing Account address.

If accepting your token’s trustline through the Stellar Laboratory:

  1. Select “public” at the top of the page to build a public transaction
  2. Select “Build Transaction” in the navigation menu.
  3. Enter your Stellar wallet address in the “Source Account” field.
  4. Select the “Fetch next sequence number for account starting” button to automatically populate the Transaction Sequence Number.
  5. Select “Change Trust” from the “Operation Type” drop down menu.
  6. Select “Alphanumeric 4” if your token code is 4 or less characters long or select “Alphanumeric 12” if your token code is 5 to 12 characters long.
  7. Enter the token code in the “Asset Code” field.
  8. Input the Issuing Account address in the “Issuer Account ID” field.
  9. Select “Sign in Transaction Signer” and sign the transaction.  A Ledger wallet can be used to sign by selecting “Sign with BIP Path”.

A Guide to Trustlines.

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Have more questions?

Ask away! We look forward to seeing your token on the open and inclusive Stellar network.

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