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The main objective of this token is to support the TEAMSEAS project that consist in cleaning the oceans and seas allover the world. So by buying this token you are participating at the mondial ecology. This token allows and simplifies the payment transactions to Teamseas project, so by buying 1 token you clean 1 pound of marine trash.

Conditions of Token

Only 30 000 000 tokens will be listed cause our goal is to clean up 30 millions pounds of thrash from all the seas and oceans
Till the goal of 30 000 000 pound is not hit, the price will be fixed to 1$ per token so every token bought is equivalent to -1 pound of trash.
The first week 100% of tokens bought will be directly given to #teamseas and after that 70% and 30% will go to the improvement of oceantokens project(everything will be transarent and we will provide the investors with all the needed confirmations)

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i am in touch with a known project called #Teamseas, made by Mr Beast. My objectif as theirs, is to remove all the trash from oceans and seas from all-around the world. So to simplify the investment in this project i would like to create a token that will support #Teamseas. So my goal is to list a token that could be bought from LOBSTR and other wallets using XLM so all the stellar community could participate and see their work just by buying the token. The big majority of money that I will get, I will invest in Teamseas

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Atlantic ocean

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+00000000001 Account